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November Tot Toppers!

I had my work cute out for me this month with tons of adorable Tot Toppers products to shoot on some amazingly gorgeous kiddos! Enjoy!

I almost died when this happened: Jesse, since when are you TWELVE YEARS OLD?

p.s. those skinny jeans and punk shoes make me want to eat you up.

Typically, one of the prerequisites for being a Tot Topper model is blue eyes, but we thought little Addison was too cute to pass up:)

I mean, seriously?! Cutest thing ever!!

super cute boy+ super cute girl+ same age (approximately)= they should totally get married. Just sayin’.

She’s not so sure about this boy sitting next to her, hence the eye-cutting.

sweet, SWEET Alyanna. Awesome name, by the way!


I’m pretty sure she’s a Baby Gap model.

… and then there’s Caedmon (another cool name!). I have to give PROPS to Kate for finding the cutest kids in the world to model!

Melody (Caedmon’s mom) with Kate (the genius behind the needles)…

Happy Thursday!

November 20, 2010 - 4:50 pm

Karin - bebe teeman!!! Oh wait, I’ve been reading Melody’s blog too much. Caedmon makes a perfect Tot-Topper model- so does Melody for that matter. Great shots Sara!

November 19, 2010 - 8:48 pm

Sally Stanfill - Sarah! I love reading your blog – you have quite the talent and I just smile when I think of you :)
I love Addison in this post and couldn’t help but think, “I hope our girl is as beautiful as she is!” Which leads me to tell you, Taylor and I are having a baby girl in April!!!! We are so excited!!!!
Yours and Karin’s pictures excite me SO much for what’s to come with this precious little life!!!
HOpe all is well with you,
Sally (Stephens)

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